My Style

HummingbirdinPurpleBudsCounseling is a collaborative and interactive process.

First, we establish your therapeutic goals. You could be entering therapy due to a crisis and looking for a safe, objective confidante with whom you can share your thoughts and feelings, or you could be looking for assistance in working though deeper issues related to your past and/or present. Perhaps you are on top of everything yet still you have that sense of wanting more. Regardless of where you are, I will guide you in a caring and respectful manner.

I draw from therapeutic approaches such as Relational, Gestalt and Psychodynamic models. Some of the methods we may use to assist you in making personal changes are:

                  • New insight and understanding about yourself
                  • Identifying, expressing, and releasing emotion
                  • Experimentation with new behaviors both in and out of therapy
                  • Authentic interaction through the therapeutic relationship

When you begin to make changes, therapy can feel like an exciting adventure. Yet other times, change can involve a stretch outside your comfort zone.  My intention is that you will learn to view all of these experiences as valuable steps in your growth.

As we develop more self-awareness and acceptance of our humanness, we become more capable of fulfillment and contentment in life!