Collaborative Communication


Collaborative Communication is a powerful tool that I teach to couples and families as a way in which to practice sharing who we really are with one another. It involves listening and supporting each other to open up in a way that is safe. The dialogue itself, provides a container through which we can respectfully deal with our unique wants, needs and viewpoints. It allows us to move past any old barriers that typically have gotten in the way of communicating. It gets us beyond conflict.

An effective tool for everyday life

In the thirty years I've enjoyed guiding people within relationships, I have discovered this technique to be one of the most effective tools to use in life. It only takes one person to decide to apply the practice. When practiced, people report feeling relief, more ease in relating, closer to their family members, satisfaction, and a sense of being met. We all want to be heard and feel the gratification of being understood.

Resolving Conflicts

Conflict is natural in relationships because we are all different. We will have competing needs/wants at times. The biggest question to ask then, in my opinion, is - "How can we co-create a win/win solution here?". To me, using Collaborative Communication is the basic communication tool to help us get to those solutions. It also helps create a bridge between various personality styles.

If you have curiosity about Collaborative Communication, please contact me and come in for some training. I offer a 10-session package to help you get started. It has been my pleasure to have taught this process to hundreds of couples and families through in-person and phone sessions.  Call 512-627-0390 to learn more.