Couples Sessions


Some things I can help you with are to:

‌    ‌    ‌    • Improve Communication
‌    ‌    ‌    • Reduce Frustration and Anger
    ‌    ‌    ‌• Resolve Conflict
    ‌    ‌    ‌• Rebuild Intimacy

1. Establish goals.

During your first couples counseling session, I will ask each partner to envision how they would like the relationship to be different. Based on each person's vision, shared goals will be established.

2. Explore each other.

After teaching you a dialogue process, as a couple you will begin to safely and respectfully communicate about the issues that lead to your sense of impasse. Through listening and dialoging we will work towards creating an environment of disclosure and discovery.

3. Learn from your history.

I will gather a relationship history; explore the backgrounds in which you grew up; identify personality styles; and assess patterns of connection and disconnection with one another as ways to help deepen understanding of yourselves and each other. I will also teach you conflict resolution skills and ask you to practice them at home and in-session.

4. Grow together.

My hope is that in time and with guidance, you will notice the intimacy rekindling between you as a result of your improved communication, mutual understanding, increased empathy and new relational skills.

If you want to save or even just enhance your relationship, I am available to help you rebuild the bridge.