Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness is a practice that involves being aware moment-to-moment of one's experience. It is a form of consciousness long believed and researched to promote well-being. Large population-based studies indicate that mindfulness is strongly correlated with emotional/mental balance and improved health. These techniques also reveal reduction in rumination and worry which contribute to mental illness such as depression and anxiety.

Research on a neural perspective of the efficacy of mindfulness also suggests that it exerts its impact on attention, regulation, body awareness and emotional navigation. Mindfulness helps a person more consciously embrace a sense of responsibility, authentic compassion, self-acceptance and positive character. Through continued practice all these different aspects of the self become fully integrated into healthy identity.

I teach a variety of mindfulness techniques and am happy to tailor which ones would best suit you and your lifestyle. We can explore in one session how a mindfulness practice will most benefit you.